Is Disenchantment your next binge watch?

Disenchantment was created by the same minds that gave us the Simpsons & Futurama. The question looming over many people’s heads is if the show lives up to the hype. In some ways, I believe the first season of Disenchantment surpasses Futurama and even the earlier seasons of the Simpsons. There are definitely flaws, but they don’t make this show a deal breaker at least for me.

Tons of Potential

Being funny and having an ongoing story in adult animation isn’t an easy thing to do but Disenchantment balances them well. The main characters all shine with many comedic moments. Luci stands out and I think that the voice actor is great. He really captures the devilish trait that he should have for this role.
I shouldn’t leave out Bean or Elfo either. These three characters work so well when they’re on screen together. Elfo being so simple minded because he doesn’t know the world very well works great with Bean and her evil sidekick Luci. The best parts of the show are when these characters are present. I can’t wait to see the dynamic between these characters if this show is renewed for a second season.

Does it Drag-On?

Many people have mentioned that the first few episodes drag on, but I don’t particularly feel that way. This show has a more serious tone than the Simpsons so I think it’s important to set up the characters. Not to mention the set up for the story was entertaining at least to me.


The first season of this series was pretty good. The story is complemented by the characters put in place. The dynamic of the cast truly stands out here and everyone has something to say. While there is a bit of a build up it’s certainly worth it after you delve into the season a bit. I recommend that you watch at least a few episodes it’s worth a shot.

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