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‘Cobra Kai’ (Season 3) TV Show Review: Consistency Is Key

“You know what they say, there’s no such thing as a bad student.”

When The Karate Kid came to theaters in 1984 I’m certain that the creators as well as the actors did not believe the series would be relevant over 30 years later. Not only that but since Cobra Kai began it has proved itself to be a remarkable continuation of The Karate Kid.

The balance between campy and serious tones make for an enjoyable show. Even if some of the moments are a little corny for their own good.


Following the massive school fight between Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai from Season 2’s finale the students as well as the dojos have to deal with the fall out.

Still Kicking It

The theme of heroes and villains not really existing and that everyone is just human is continued here. Depth that I never thought would be explored in The Karate Kid universe occurred during this season.

While at times it can be pretty predictable even those moments you knew were going to happen eventually have great pay offs.

We Didn’t Know We Wanted This

This season brings us numerous moments that we never asked for but turned into some of the best parts of the entire series. It’s a testament to how well they’ve payed homage to the source material.

I felt a flurry of emotions throughout the entire season. Most of them being very positive. Going forward my only hope is that they can keep up this level of consistency.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

My biggest issue with this show involves casting choices and fight choreography at times. While this production falls into the campy/cheesy genre of media sometimes it goes a bit too far and my suspension of disbelief starts to diminish.

It’s pretty odd to see a child who isn’t physically imposing to fight off a whole group of people that are bigger than them. It just gets a little too unrealistic which may very well be the point.

Karate taking over schools in the present so much so that students of dojos practically wage war at school is obviously not too realistic.

This issue is not present for the majority of the show though. Immediately Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), & Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) come to mind when thinking about the best fight scenes. When they come to blows with an opponent I generally believe what I’m seeing.

In fact throughout the show the best fights involve all of these characters. There’s many that I haven’t mention that also are always a joy to see locked in battle. A few actors just seem to stand out for the wrong reasons but its not a fault of their own.

Why Are You Here?

One of the issues that’s persisted from the beginning of the program is that there are a few characters that just don’t have a place. These individuals don’t get much screen time and don’t have much character.

Cobra Kai does an amazing job developing characters that they choose to give attention to so it stands out significantly when that same love and care doesn’t extend to a few of the reoccurring actors/actresses.


After the shocking end of season 2 everyone knew that those events would affect the following season and Cobra Kai did not disappoint. Depth that was non-existent before in the universe of The Karate Kid is present now and its great to see.

There are so many heart warming moments across the season fans of the source material will enjoy just how the show handled everything.

The campy nature of 80’s action films are still present here and while sometimes I believe they go a little overboard the drama keeps you grounded. You want to see how the story will end even if there are moments that’ll leave you shaking your head.

Fight choreography is pretty important in a production like this and its executed decently. Not all fights are created equal and it comes down to the casting most of the time. Certain characters never have a bad fight scene while a few of the actors/actresses don’t even seem to be hitting their opponents at times.

To enjoy Cobra Kai to the fullest I believe you have to view it with some suspension of disbelief if not you’ll be poking holes in it from time to time.

Three seasons in and no sign of slowing down Cobra Kai has consistently been good. Even if you’ve never seen the movies that released in the 80’s there’s so much here for you to enjoy and I’m excited to see what the rest of the series has in store.

Verdict 8 out of 10 Stars

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