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‘Squid Game’ (Season 1) TV Show Review: A Walking Phenomenon

Since the show’s premiere, if you use social media, you’ve probably seen a lot of posts about Squid Game. It’s taken the world by storm and is swiftly becoming Netflix’s most popular tv show.

However, is the show deserving of all the praise?


Seong Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-jae) and a slew of other debt-ridden participants participate in a series of games for a cash prize.

Proper Motivation

The main group that the show sticks you with is a very solid collection of characters. All with their own motivations, personality, and wills to get their objectives completed.

The longer you watch the series, the more you’ll want to see your favorite characters succeed. The lack of likable characters is where shows like this usually fall short. Its hard to care whether someone wins a competition if I simply don’t care for that individual.

Heavy Emotional Beats

Without a question, I had not anticipated becoming so emotionally invested in the plot. The actors and actresses are deserving of a lot of praise because they nailed every scenario they were in. However, there is a lot to be desired when it comes to the English voiceovers.

The Mystery

The uncertainty is maybe the most powerful aspect of the series. The first season of Squid Game keeps you in the dark for the majority of the time, which is fantastic. The games the contestants are forced to play only become more interesting to watch and that’s due to the fact the audience doesn’t know what will happen next.

They start explaining topics later in the season that would have been better left alone. It’s still a fantastic show, but the mystery is what pulled so many viewers in.

Starts to Become Predictable at Times

I’m not trying to take anything away from this series, but it does get a little formulaic at times. There are large twists specifically towards the end where I was calling out plot twists before they happened.

I think the vast array of characters in Squid Game are actually pretty intelligent for the most part but because of that when these same characters act like they don’t have a brain its very jarring.

Why Now?

The primary cast is what kept me emotionally invested, and having them all together provided for some really fun situations. Their chemistry is fantastic, but I believe this show gets rid of characters at inopportune times.

It would be difficult to watch Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen if, after a few episodes, he began removing the cooks who everyone enjoyed seeing.

While this is more of a personal annoyance, there are some characters who are truly irritating and overstay their welcome.


I haven’t seen such a wonderful cast of characters in a long time. Each one has their own personality, motivation, and depth.

The performances are amazing, however if you’re watching Squid Game in English, you’ll notice the voiceovers aren’t up to par.

Don’t be surprised if you cry or feel sad at times; this show is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. There were quite a few times where I just had to pause just because I was so invested.

The more you don’t know the better. Squid Game is shrouded in mystery and it’s addicting trying to find out what exactly is going on. However, once we start getting answers you kind of wish the feeling the show gave you, in the beginning, permeated throughout.

Some reveals that the show treats are huge plot twists just aren’t. It falls short at times because you can tell with how the scene was set up the creators thought they had gotten us but it wasn’t the case. However, there are still good twists it’s just odd what they assumed the audience wouldn’t pick up on.

This show simply would not have been as good if the characters weren’t as great. This starts to make you wonder when some individuals begin losing why they wouldn’t try to get rid of the people who were not well-liked first.

Lastly, Squid Game has garnered so much attention over the past few weeks and I am overjoyed that it has. It’s a great show! I don’t believe to the same level it’s getting praised but it’s well worth a watch and hopefully, season two can further improve this enjoyable series.

Verdict 8 out of 10 Stars

Now available on Netflix!

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