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‘Harley Quinn’ (Season 1 & 2) TV Show Review: Well… That Was Something

“I Trust You With My Life, But Not With My Heart”

What should be a definite slam dunk, Harley Quinn meets adult comedy, however, the presentation falls a little short in the wonderful category. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things you’ll like, but you’ll also want to overlook a number of issues.


Joker (Alan Tudyk) and Harley (Kaley Cuoco) have been together for quite some time. Committing terrible crimes only to get taken down by Batman (Diedrich Bader). After many years of betrayal and abuse, Harley decides enough is enough and it’s time for her to separate herself from the Joker and become a full-fledged supervillain.


This show excels in making fun of a variety of characters from the DC (Detective Comics) Universe. You probably won’t even know all of the characters if you’re just a casual DC fan.

A particularly well-done character is Clayface (Alan Tudyk) normally known as a supervillain with the power to shift his body into anything he could imagine. Instead, now he is an inspiring actor giving a backstory for anyone’s appearance he decides to take over.

Doesn’t Greatly Succeed in the Funny Department

First things first comedy is subjective so if you find the show funny I’m happy for you but the jokes didn’t quite land for me. With The Harley Quinn Show being a comedy that isn’t the thing you’d wanna hear. That being said when the jokes land they blow them out of the park. However, if you’re throwing jokes out constantly I think it would be odd for some not to land eventually.

Oh… What It Could’ve Been (Minor Spoilers)

Even though the first season was fine, I was a little underwhelmed after all the positive things I had heard about the series. However, when season two started, everything was different. It is Harley’s responsibility to overthrow the five crime bosses who have taken control of a portion of Gotham. These are by far my favorite episodes from the entire duration of the show.

Unfortunately, the good did not endure very long. Towards the end of the second season, a very clear romance begins to blossom, and it is not enjoyable. It takes away a lot of what I believe most of us wanted to see and moves the focus from Harley’s group to who she wants to be with. A love triangle is a common plot device, and this series hasn’t done much to elevate it.

Just Not Interesting (Minor Spoilers)

When this program delivers a stellar episode, I enjoy it. It demonstrates to me the potential of the show at its best. But I think this show stumbles in the strangest ways. For instance, the series’ obsession with the Joker in the first season is borderline psychotic. This criminal pair has been spotted by all of us more times than we can count. Therefore, having him return for the same plot beats almost every episode just becomes boring.

Season two improves on this and we see a lot less of the crown prince of crime but he shows up too much initially.


The Harley Quinn Show does a lot right but drops the ball in the worst of ways. One moment you’re gonna be on the brink of spitting out your drink laughing or you’re gonna just be mildly entertained wondering when it’s gonna pick up again.

On a more upbeat side, this show particularly excels at portraying Harley’s colorful gang; each character brings something special to the show, and when they are all on screen together, even the least compelling stories shine. Because of this, it’s sad that whenever they do decide to divide the group up, the comedy and overall cohesion of the show appear a little off.

The show might be hit or miss in terms of humor. I never reached the point where I despised some jokes so much that I wanted to stop watching the show; most jokes simply didn’t make me laugh. However, given that their top priority is to crack jokes, something will undoubtedly make you laugh at some time.

What hurts the most about this show is that I think it could be so much better. There are moments that stand out from the rest but then there are large portions of the show that are just uninteresting. With season three finally releasing here’s hoping that the series can make a massive leap in a great direction.

Verdict 6 out of 10 Stars

Now available on HBO Max!


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