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Why the Walking Dead Fell Off (Spoilers)

The Walking Dead had its AMC network debut on Halloween of 2010, and since then it has experienced many highs and lows. Let’s explore what directly caused the public’s perception of this drama series to shift from being one of the greatest to one of the worst.

Why’d It got Off to Such a Strong Start?

Season one of The Walking Dead came out at a unique time. We weren’t as oversaturated in zombies in the horror genre. Now in the present day when it comes t video games, TV series, and movies it seems impossible to escape them. Secondly, the story was at its strongest initially before delving into mediocrity. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) a former cop-turned apocalypse survivor is a compelling main character.

Even when it seemed like the program had missed a step while he was there, he could help it get back on track. Being teamed with Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) was undoubtedly beneficial. This power trio was the face of this franchise for so long but all good things must come to an end eventually.

When the show first began other humans certainly were a threat to our main cast’s health but the walkers were the greatest threat. There was real tension even if only a few showed up. Most action scenes were engaging and that’s quite the contrast with what happens in later seasons. The walkers become less and less of a threat. This doesn’t stop the show from trying to make them still seem threatening though.

One character can take a knife and end 30 plus walkers with seemingly no problem when the writing allows for it. However, to build fake tension more times than I could count a character will randomly trip or make a decision that they seemingly would never just to make the scene tenser. It doesn’t really help though it just lessens the impact of one of the “biggest” threats the show has seen.

Cutting the Fat

No question one of the worst aspects of The Walking Dead is the filler. Just so much of the show could be cut out and it wouldn’t change the overall story. Outside of the first season, the show feels like a 20-page paper that was assigned during school. Within that long assignment, there is a really good paper but it’s bogged down by all the unnecessary parts.

The Walking Dead features so many scenes where the characters are just walking through the woods and nothing is going on. There are whole storylines within the show that feels like they are more so trying to reach a quota rather than make a cohesive story and these parts tend to drag.

The first season was the only one that truly avoided this issue. Rick spends the majority of this brief season looking for his lost family after waking up at the end of the world. He makes allies along the journey and discovers more about what happened to the world. It has a rather straightforward plot, and I believe this show works best when it doesn’t try to accomplish too much.

Intriguing Drama

Most of the time, this show is more of a drama than a zombie beatdown. Numerous episodes will be devoted to examining particular characters’ relationships with one another. Having said that, the program shines when these passages are effectively written and you sense a genuine connection between the characters. But when there isn’t a strong connection between these individuals, the episodes end up feeling the longest in the worst sense.

Nothing is worse than spending 40 minutes with people you don’t care about and a plot that makes a valiant effort to give them more depth but falls desperately short. It’s actually horrible, and you’ll be able to tell if it’s one of those bonding moments right away.

As the show progresses plenty of characters come and go. You can tell the writers want almost every character to have their shine but the cast is simply too large. You can’t give everyone their own episode but they sure do try. These usually end up dragging and don’t advance the plot at all.

Some prominent pairings include Michonne & Rick and Daryl & Carol (Melissa McBride), to mention a few. Even if the writing isn’t great, the way they are able to share the screen together makes it worthwhile to watch. They never really seem to have bad episodes. Even though the majority of this has been negative, I would be lying if I said the show wasn’t in any way compelling. There’s a reason why I’ve continued to watch the show. Simply put, there are issues that have existed from the beginning of it.

Killing to Kill

In a show that kills off characters often there’s always a risk of killing off the wrong character. While death can be surprising and can shock the audience that isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes the show will sacrifice good writing for a surprise and in the long term, it makes the product suffer in quality. When season six premiered it introduced one of the best-written characters to the show Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

He’s rude, tough, and has ended quite a few fan favorites during his time in the show and that definitely made the fans upset. He kills off Glenn (Steven Yeun) a series mainstay since the first season and this was met by tremendous hate. He was loved and the decision to kill him turned a lot of fans off the show. That being said they Had to make Nega stand out from other villains having him kill off such a big character definitely gave him identity but was it worth losing so many fans?

While I was fine with the decision it’s always a mixed bag killing off characters because if the majority don’t care then the death has n impact. However, if a major character meets an early grave it can turn people off the project since they could’ve only been watching because of said character.

Hope Isn’t Completely Lost

Last but not least, even though I think the program has had its ups and downs, now that the last season is almost over, it’s actually becoming better. Season 11 has surpassed many of the more recent seasons in my opinion, even though I don’t believe the show will ever reach its pinnacle again. Since the program has been running for so long, it would be devastating for the remaining viewers if it had to finish poorly. Let’s hope the show ends well and makes the remaining audience members happy.

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