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‘She-Hulk’ (Season 1) TV Show Review: Wonderful Cast… But That’s Just Not Enough

“When people start seeing you as a monster, that never goes away”

This show is highly polarizing; from what I’ve observed, viewers either think it’s the worst thing they’ve ever seen or think it’s the best. Of course, it is all subjective, but it just feels like an average series that was enjoyable to watch every week, similar to many of the MCU shows that have come before.


Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is the cousin of the famous avenger the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). While they were together they end up in a devastating car crash that mixes their blood together transforming Jennifer into She-Hulk. Now she works as a lawyer for a firm that only takes cases for other super-powered individuals.

They Did Do Something Right

Although I don’t think highly of the shows Marvel has been making, I can say without a doubt that I haven’t been as entertained by a cast since these shows began. Tatiana Maslany is She-Hulk, and she is a joy to watch. Alongside her friends Nikki Ramos (Ginger Gonzaga) and Pug (Josh Segarra), they end up being some of the best parts when Jennifer isn’t around.

This also applies to the cameos. This show doesn’t hesitate to include characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and does a good job at it.

Self Sabotage

Despite being a sitcom, there is a plot in this show. Although it isn’t given much attention, the series wants you to believe it is significant. Strangely enough, the conclusion renders the majority of the plot-related material meaningless. They do it on purpose, so they succeeded in their goal, but it does give you the impression that some of your time has been wasted.

When the show was a typical sitcom, that’s when I liked it the most. Just silly little one-off episodes were fun but spending time building up a plot only for it not to matter just leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Might Just Not Be for You

It was amusing to watch how She-Hulk: Attorney at Law anticipated most of the criticism it would face months in advance. Some people don’t like the MCU because they think the female characters in the show don’t really deserve to belong. Calling them Mary Sues or claiming that earlier heroes had to put forth more effort to get their abilities.

Funny enough, a lot of the show’s viewers behave exactly like the people the writers are making fun of. Despite this, the show has a lot of flaws, and the writing is quite disappointing. As a result, many humor pieces don’t resonate with a lot of viewers. There were times when they really got me, but based on other observers, a lot of people never even cracked a smile. 

In several ways, this presentation fell short of its objectives. a sitcom that doesn’t really focus on the humor but also lacks enough action to keep the average MCU fan interested. So on both fronts, it’s pretty weak. The characters themselves made the parts of the show that were enjoyable good not really their dialogue or the way the story was written. I would have still appreciated the same characters regardless of who wrote the cameos and main cast because they were all so excellent in their roles.


There are some tremendous highs and some especially low lows in this show, which makes it so peculiar to talk about. They did an outstanding job with the casting; the cast is fantastic. Everyone who reprises their roles does their best to give strong performances, and this also applies to cameos.

The weakest aspect of this show is its writing. By including a plot line that is irrelevant by the end, they chose to ruin their own series. Making the climax intriguing, but eventually leaving watchers with a strange feeling because it makes a large portion of the show seem extremely pointless. Instead of trying to create a serious standard superhero plot, they could have really leaned into the wackier elements.

While I wasn’t laughing so hard that I fell out of my chair, I did like it when the typical sitcom antics would happen. They could probably lead into it more in the upcoming season and just attempt to be more entertaining. They could really save this series with improved writing.

It shows a lot of promise and honestly, I think I enjoyed watching this more so than any of the other MCU shows. It just falls flat in some areas where it needed to stick the landing.

Verdict 6 out of 10 Stars

Now available on Disney Plus!

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