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‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ (Season 1) TV Show Review: A Cybernetic Masterpiece

“I’m Gonna Take You There Myself, Fly You To The Moon. That’s A Promise.”

In 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 a video game based in a future where cybernetic enhancements to the human body are more common than not released to the dismay of many. Fans were incredibly excited before the release and they were greeted with one of the most buggy games created in recent years. It was a mess thousands of refunds were given and the game was even taken off the shelves by Playstation.

The news of an anime set in the same universe as that game was therefore welcomed with a great deal of animosity. But in the end, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners won our affection and turned out to be one of the best animes to come out in 2022.


A decent young man who was nurtured in poverty with his mother, David Martinez (Zach Aguilar), attempts to establish himself in the infamous Night City.

Stellar Animation

One of Cyberpunk’s many wonderful aspects is its excellent animation. You’ll witness intense battles and inventive visuals throughout the series, which greatly enhances the overall Edgerunners experience.

David has a skill that makes it possible for him to move very quickly, and the way the show portrays his speed is really thrilling to see each time. In fact, all of the cybernetic enhancements when on display prove to be enjoyable to watch.

The fighting is swift, brutal, and magnificent, much like the original product. The game was known for its brutality and it’s great to see that being a main staple here.

Colorful Cast

I was surprised by how many characters I genuinely liked. I am unable to name a character in the game who had a significant influence on me. None of the cast members were bad they just didn’t leave a lasting impression. I can’t even come close to saying that about the anime adaptation.

In no time at all, you grow to genuinely enjoy the cast as well. The show only has 10 episodes, which doesn’t give you much time to get to know all the individuals, but they still manage to pack a lot of character growth and thrilling storylines into that little amount of time.

The most notable characters to me are David, Lucy (Emi Lo), Maine (William Christopher Stephens), Falco (Matthew Mercer), and Rebecca (Alex Cazares). You want to see them all even more because of how well they all perform their roles.


A good music selection is always appreciated but the songs have a meaning. They connect to the story and also fit the theme. One of the biggest songs is “I Really Want to Stay at Your House” by Hallie Coggins and Rosa Walton. It was in the video game and also played in the anime. However, when you finish the series the song I promise will be left in your head.

Even outside of that song there are so many tunes that will keep ringing in your ears far after you’re done with the show.

The Rise before the Fall

Really, this series doesn’t have any standout flaws. Even though the season is short, I think the show reaches its peak before it wraps up. Episode six might possibly be one of my favorite chapters in an anime. Even if I view the installment separately from the other episodes, I’m sure I’ll remember it years from now.

Sadly, the quality of the subsequent parts suffers as a result of the sixth episode. From the beginning of the show, it feels like the series is just ramping up so having that feeling be gone for the last few parts definitely hurts. That being said it’s not all bleak because the final chapter of the series does stand out.

The story direction is what kind of made me lose interest at the end. After part six most viewers will know where the program is headed and while it is very poetic, unfortunately, it leaves you not incredibly interested since you probably know the ending that’s coming.


One aspect I believe should demonstrate the excellence of this anime is that it completely altered the public’s perception of the entire franchise. I never thought that one-day fans would be enthused about another product in that universe, but Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is just that engaging.

From the animation to the combat direction the scenes are exhilarating. You will get invested in the action scenes as they capture just what the universe is about. It’s crazy, fast, dangerous, and anything can happen.

David makes for an exciting main character. With him as your guide, exploring this universe is a fully immersive experience. It’s a brutal place where people typically turn to crime to get by, and here you have a kid just trying to do the right thing for his mother. He is a likable protagonist, and you can’t help but want him to succeed.

Naturally, the entire cast complements David brilliantly. You’ll remember quite a few of the characters long after you’ve watched the show because there are so many endearing fan favorites.

Products that make good use of their soundtrack are hard to find in my opinion. This is one of those series that actually does use its music intelligently. Certain songs will make you feel different emotions after you’ve finished the show as opposed to just starting it.

Without a doubt Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is one of the better products this year and while there are no plans for a season two they more than delivered on this 10-episode series.

Verdict 9 out of 10 Stars

Now available on Netflix!


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