Why Transformers Sucks!


In 2007, the first Transformers film released starring Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox. Who would’ve thought that the series would receive so many sequels but also spiral into mediocrity? Personally, I enjoy the first two films and tolerate the third. However, when the fourth and fifth movie released I realized we’d get nothing like the film that started it all.

Rehashing the Same Plot

As a series continued I felt like we are watching the same movie over and over again. The government says that they cannot help the heroes that have protected earth with their lives and they state they’re not allied with them.


Then the government proceeds to help the Decepticons find and defeat the Autobots. The story boils down to both alliances trying to find an artifact that will grant the user a great advantage in battle. After that point, the day saved and everyone goes home happily ever after.

Something New

In 2018, Bumblebee released and I believe it was received pretty well. Hopefully, as we go into the future more good transformers films will be released. As much as I hate to say it I don’t think Michael Bay was the issue nor Mark Walberg. One of the main reasons I believe the series is spiraled out of control is simply bad storytelling.

After the third film, I believe we needed something fresh and new. However, the formula kept on repeating itself. In Transformers: Age of Extinction I don’t believe Mark Wahlberg was really an issue I believe he did the best in the cast. I think the characters that surrounded him were the problem.


Lack of Reasoning

For instance, his daughter and his daughter’s boyfriend added nothing to the narrative. At least in the first three films, it made sense why our protagonist is not the only one caught up the situation. The enemy constantly came after Shia Labeouf and the people surrounded by him.

In Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight I felt that the other characters didn’t have to be put in danger. They weren’t really involved in the conflict and they could’ve walked away at any point.

Too Predictable

If I can tell you what happens in a film before it begins that’s a problem. My biggest issue from the Transformers series is how massive the threat is. In each film it’s the end of the world for heroes fail The stakes are so high but they always come out on top so where’s the tension.

In the MCU, each film has differing levels of severity. If every entry was as high-stakes as the Avenger’s movies there’s no way they could’ve held the public’s attention for as long as they did. An Action-packed franchise, not every single found needs to possess a world-ending antagonist.


If this is truly what they want they should make a different result in the end. Do something to shock audiences. Be bold if they kill off a character don’t bring them back. Maybe not make Megatron the main villain every single time. Who says that the villain has to be someone the audience already knows. Make a brand-new villain!



I believe that huge amounts of money that the Transformers series has received has led to the creators of these films getting lazier and lazier. Each film was the same with minor differences here and there. At times the plot feels like it doesn’t make sense because of the decisions that certain characters make in these movies.

Finally, it’s all just too predictable audiences know exactly what the getting into. I want more good films to come from this franchise and I hope that future releases surpass the mediocre entries such as Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight. 




Is Disenchantment your next binge watch?

Disenchantment was created by the same minds that gave us the Simpsons & Futurama. The question looming over many people’s heads is if the show lives up to the hype. In some ways, I believe the first season of Disenchantment surpasses Futurama and even the earlier seasons of the Simpsons. There are definitely flaws, but they don’t make this show a deal breaker at least for me.

Tons of Potential

Being funny and having an ongoing story in adult animation isn’t an easy thing to do but Disenchantment balances them well. The main characters all shine with many comedic moments. Luci stands out and I think that the voice actor is great. He really captures the devilish trait that he should have for this role.
I shouldn’t leave out Bean or Elfo either. These three characters work so well when they’re on screen together. Elfo being so simple minded because he doesn’t know the world very well works great with Bean and her evil sidekick Luci. The best parts of the show are when these characters are present. I can’t wait to see the dynamic between these characters if this show is renewed for a second season.

Does it Drag-On?

Many people have mentioned that the first few episodes drag on, but I don’t particularly feel that way. This show has a more serious tone than the Simpsons so I think it’s important to set up the characters. Not to mention the set up for the story was entertaining at least to me.


The first season of this series was pretty good. The story is complemented by the characters put in place. The dynamic of the cast truly stands out here and everyone has something to say. While there is a bit of a build up it’s certainly worth it after you delve into the season a bit. I recommend that you watch at least a few episodes it’s worth a shot.

Avengers 4 Has Some Big Shoes to Fill!

Has Marvel Put the Bar Too High?

Avengers: Infinity War still puts chills down my spine when I think of the universe and the current state it’s in. The fact that the Avengers have lost at the end of the film is a completely different feeling from 90% of superhero movies. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the heroes losing, but it is very intriguing to see. While the ending was great I think it’s important to remember the film was truly a work of art from beginning to end. Marvel has gotten the formula down for their films. They make us laugh, they make us feel tense, and they just give us a reason to go to the theaters. I love cinema so I would go to the theater even if Marvel didn’t release three different movies a year. However, they are so consistent I know when I pay for my ticket that i’m in for a good experience. While all of this is great it puts them in a great dilemma. How will they top the movies that they’ve been releasing recently especially Infinity War.
They’ll have to get everything right in the next film even to compete with the latest Avengers entry. I don’t want the story to be obvious, especially with the twist from Infinity War. The story should be engaging and should keep the viewers interested throughout the film. Not only do Marvel have to get those two things right comedy must hold up as well. Going into the next film I assume the cast at least in the first two acts of the film will be cut shorter than that of the previous Avengers movies. Therefore, if they truly want to get laughs they’ll have to be original with a group of characters that we’ve seen work together previously. In Avengers: Infinity War, the film was so comedic because we had a lot of different characters meeting for the first time. It’s easy to make jokes with different material, but now I assume it will be much harder to get laughs from the audience. I hope this film proves me dead wrong since I will surely be in attendance as soon as the movie releases for public viewing.