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‘Loki’ (Season 1) TV Show Review: A Brand New World

“You Are Alone & You Always Will Be”

For many fans, Loki has been the most anticipated MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) show. While WandaVision and Falcon & The Winter Soldier were able to stand on their own, a journey with Loki could mean anything.

This season successfully intrigues the audience with an interesting and pleasurable experience.


Loki found himself wandering through time and space after the events of Avengers: Endgame. However, a faction isn’t pleased, and Loki now needs to figure out how to deal with a whole new set of problems.

Not Your Typical MCU Adventure

It’s not unusual to see individuals flying, blasting lasers, or throwing punches that can be heard for miles in a superhero movie. Loki, on the other hand, isn’t concerned with that. This story is a much more plot-driven adventure that focuses on the people.

Early on in the show, you’ll see a fantastic performance by Loki (Tom Hiddleston) like he’s always done in his role. He has some of the strongest bonds throughout the first season and can make a scene fun to watch all by himself.

I adored his interaction with Mobius (Owen Wilson) from the time they shared the screen. They complement each other quite well, and I only wish they had more time to spend together.

Great Pacing

I was worried early on in the show simply because our protagonist stays in the same environment for a little too long. I was hoping that with a show with the “God of Mischief,” we’d get to see something much crazier, and that indeed does occur if you give the show a chance.

Especially in the latter half of the season, no location feels like it overstays its welcome.

Something’s Coming

This show serves as the spark for an event that will alter the MCU as we know it. A second season is already in the works, and it will undoubtedly be affected by the story they chose. Having said that, the season didn’t feel like it was simply preparing for an event.

The story doesn’t feel like it was held back because it was the start of something, and in fact, Loki does many things better than the two shows Marvel released previously.

We Get It’s Not the Focus but Come On

For a guy who can create a weapon out of thin air, both he and this show lack in the action department. Having the spotlight on the story and characters is fine. It made the overall project better than it would’ve been if they had given more emphasis to the action.

It’s undeniable that the fighting just isn’t exciting. It’s very tame, and it’s not going to be the reason you continue watching.


The expectations for Loki were high, and it rose to the occasion delivering a story well worth investing your time into.

Tom Hiddleston does a wonderful job with his role, and his growth throughout the season just added to my enjoyment.

Loki is a refreshing change of pace. The focus isn’t so much on the outrageous superpowers as it is on the individuals’ relationships with one another and the plot.

Early on, it seems like the pacing may be a bit of an issue, but once the adventure gets going, it doesn’t stick in one place too long.

While the show isn’t trying to give us the most incredible fight scenes in the series’ history, it doesn’t even feel like they try. Nothing too exciting happens in the battles, and they aren’t memorable.

With another show under Marvel’s belt, the expectations continue to rise, and if they can keep up this kind of quality, then the MCU will continue to shine.

Verdict 8.5 out of 10 Stars

Now available on Disney Plus!

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